We have improved our Mass Edit which will allow you to Export selected data into an excel file, where you can easily update the data. Once updated you can just Import it back to our system. Below are the fields that can be updated:

  • product title
  • product SKU
  • selling price
  • retail price
  • shipping fee
  • ship within area
  • ETA
  • product quantity*

* Product that comes with options / variants (color, size & etc) cannot be updated through the excel file. 

How? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to “B. My Selling > 8. Mass Edit”.

 Step 2: Click on “Search” button, then click “Export the following product list to CSV“. A file that contains a list of your products will be automatically downloaded.

 Step 3: Open the CSV file in Excel and start your amendment. Below is the sample of how the file looks like.


  • Product ID: Unique ID that is assigned by Lelong.my for each product posting. The content of this field cannot be changed.
  • SKU: Model number, SKU or Product code that are assigned by you.
  • Product Title: Max 70 characters including space.
  • Peninsular, Sabah, Sarawak and International : Shipping fee you charge.
  • Ship Within: Where are you willing to ship to? You may update the field by using the following codes.
    Code Meaning
    M Within Malaysia
    P Only Peninsular Malaysia
    T Within East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan)
    L Only same location
    S Only same state
    W Within Sarawak
    B Within Sabah
    R Refer to Product Info
    E Within Asean
    A Within Asia
    I International
  • ETA: Estimated arrival time. You may update the field by using the following codes.
     Code  Meaning
    3  1 – 3 working days
    4  3 – 5 working days
    5  5 – 7 days
    6   7 – 10 days
    If your NetPay Settlement period is more than 14 days.
    7  10 – 12 days
    8  12 – 15 days
    9  16 days or longer
    For Pre-Order Item
    101  2 weeks
    102  3 weeks
    103  4 weeks
    104  5 weeks
  • Selling Price: Product Selling Price in “Ringgit Malaysia” .
  • Retail Price: Suggested Retail Price in “Ringgit Malaysia” .
  • Shipping payment: Who should pay for the shipping price? You may update the field by using the following codes.
    Code Meaning
    BP Buyer pays
    SP Seller pays (it means free shipping within Malaysia)
  • Quantity: Number of units you have for the item. It must either be a numeric, or the text “Options”.
    * Options means the item has options / variants (color, size & etc) and the quantity for each option / variant cannot be updated through this CSV file.
 Step 4a. Once amendment is done, save the changes of the file in “.csv” format. Then click on “Import to update from the exported CSV” .

4b. Click on “Choose File”, then select where your file is located and click on “Open” button. Now, select the file to be uploaded and click on “Upload File” button.

 Step 5. You have successfully updated the records. You may check the updated records under your “Mass Edit” too.