Shipping fee by states plugin allow sellers to personalize shipping charges based on the states in Malaysia. It provides an additional column where the you can enter the name of the area for which you want to configure shipping rates. Here is the guide to show you how to set these different rates up.

1. To enable this plugin, go to “G. My Store” and click on “4. Store Plugins”.
2. Choose the Shipping by States type – either By Quantity or by Weight. 

3. Click “Add new shipping area“.

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4. Name this area and key in the amount that you wish to set.


You would like to set up shipping fees for Northern Region.
You set the first 1 KG is RM6.00 and every subsequent 1 kg is RM2.50.
Assuming your buyer buys 3 items using the Shopping Cart:
Item A: 0.5kg
Item B: 1kg
Item C: 1.2kg
System will total up the weight (0.5kg + 1kg + 1.2kg = 2.7 kg) 
All decimal point will be rounding up.
Total shipping fee will be :
(First 1 kg = RM6.00) + (Subsequently 1 kg = RM2.50 x 2 kg (1.7 kg rounding up) = RM9.00)
= RM6.00 + RM5.00
= RM11.00

5. Select the states this area belongs to.

Example :
Northern Region : Perlis, Kedah, Penang Perak.

6. Click “Save Shipping area“.
7. Click Edit button if you want to want to make any adjustment.

8. To add new shipping area, kindly click “+Add new shipping area”.

9. Click Delete button if you want to want to make any adjustment.