Excellent for sellers who have more than 20 orders a day
1.Go to F. Courier & Printing > 1. Docket & Packing List
2.  Select order to be generate the packing list then click “Update Selected Item”
3. Packing List updated successfully. You may click List or View Packing List to view the packing list
4. You will see the packing list. Click on “Print Docket” for the preferred packing list
5. It will direct you to http://cdprinter.lelong.my/Home/login

*Log in using your Lelong User ID and Password

6. Once logged in, you will see as below, click “Submit”

a. Tick box for the address you want to print

b. Choose Courier Service name

c. Click Submit

This page will prompt in another tab of your browser. Click icon Printer to print the consignment note.