Lelong.my discount voucher can only be used during checkout.
 1. At order confirmation page, you will find a voucher code box at the bottom of the page (on the right side of the page ).

2. To use your voucher code

a. Fill in your voucher code in the box, or

b. Select the voucher code you would like to use from the list,

then click on “Apply”.

3. A deduction will be applied to your total amount.



 Please note that:

  1. You need to login in order to use your voucher.
  2. You can only use 1 voucher per transaction.
  3. Vouchers sometimes come with a minimum purchase amount , and as such it might cause your code to be invalid depending on the total amount of your shopping cart.
  4. Each voucher is valid up to the stipulated expiry date and no extension of date will be given.