A. How to Buy
1. Click “Buy Now” button at the posting page

2. A pop up will appear. You can click “Continue Shopping” if you want to continue to buy more products OR click “Shopping Cart” to add item on your shopping cart and “Checkout” to directly check out.

3. You will be directed to your shopping cart.

4. You can click “Remove” if you do not want to buy this particular item.

5. If you want to add more quantity, click at the drop down button under “Quantity” and select the number of quantity you wished to buy.

6. You can click “Continue Shopping” button if you want to continue buying other items.

7. Once everything done click “Checkout” button.

8. If you have not yet login into your Lelong.my account, it will direct you to the login page.

9. Key in your User ID and password and click “Sign In”

10. After that you will reach to the shipping page.

11. Select which address you want your item to be shipped by click at it if you have set more than one address in your account.OR 

12. Just click “Continue” if you have only one address.

13. After you have confirmed the order information, click on “Continue”.

14. Select which payment method you want to use to make the payment.

15. You can choose from either Online Banking (FPX) or Credit/Debit Card.

A. Paying with Credit Card – Visa and Master

  1. Click on Credit/Debit Card tab
  2. Choose card types (Visa, Master or AMEX)

       4. Fill on your card information and click “Pay Now”

B. Paying with Online Banking (FPX)

1.Choose your preferred bank (e.g – maybank2u.com)

3. You will be directed to your selected bank site. Login as you usually would.


3. Click “Continue”.


4. Click “Request a TAC number”.
5. Key in the TAC number when you received it in your mobile phone and click “Confirm”.


When you do not want to buy?

1. When you are expecting to travel.
2. When using your home address as your shipping address and there is no one at home to receive the parcel. Use an address where there will always be someone to receive the parcel on behalf of you, for eg. office.
3. When you want the item urgently.