What is DIY Store Setting?

This is a tool to empower you with the flexibility to control, design and customize your store exactly the way you want. With the DIY Store Setting, you can create built-in image sliders, embed videos & image banners while maintaining your unique store experience.

How to access DIY Store Setting?

After login to your account, on your seller panel click on ” G. My Store > 3. Store Setting > Store Setting “.

How to use DIY Store Setting?


Recommended image dimension :

Minimum dimension: 1200px x 133px (width x height)

Maximum dimension: 1900px  x 210px (width x height).

2.Profile – This menu automatically displays your seller ratings.

3.Slider – This area allows you to upload the slider banner.

  • The recommendation image dimension is 1200px  x 400px (width x height).
  • Image uploaded must be in JPG format and less than 500kb in size.
  • You can only upload up to a maximum of five (5) banners under this section.
  • You may link the banner to your store category or a specific product.

4. HTMLThis area allows you to upload HTML codes based on your preference. You will be able to insert banners or even embed videos into this area.

  • Upload your image(s) or video(s) to hosting service provider.
  • Javascript, CSS and etc is not allowed.
  • Banner(s) are not allowed linked out to external party.
  • Maximum width is 1200px.

You may also enable or disable the section from the left menu based on your preference.

5. Navigation barThis section is default section and it helps your buyer to navigate within your store.

6. HTML ( Below the navigation bar)

This has the same functionality as No 4. HTML above, but it will display below the navigation bar instead.

  • Maximum width is 958px.

7. ProductYour product will be automatically displayed. Depending on the template that you have selected, you will be able to customize it based on modules like New Arrival, Best Sellers or Featured Products.

8. Show Location Map

This section allows you to insert a Google Map to you offline store. You may turn it off if you do not have a retail store.

Store Design Samples

Note: Should the seller violated our Guideline and Terms & Conditions, Lelong.my reserve the right to disable the DIY Store Builder features.