Combine Shipping
1. Combine shipping can be used to encourage your buyers to buy more products from your Web Store. This option allows them to save on the shipping fees.

2. You can have an option to either use combine shipping by quantity or by weight. But only one option can be activated at one time.

3. To enable this plugin, go to “G. My Store” and click on “4. Store Plugins”.

4. Choose the Combine shipping type – either By Quantity or by Weight. 

5. Click “GET THIS” to enable the Combine Shipping Plugin for your Web Store.

A. By Quantity

1. To activate combine shipping by quantity click “By Quantity”.

2. Key in the amount that you wish to set for “per additional item”.

3. Click “Update”.Example:-

  1. You set RM5 per additional item
  2. Buyer buy 3 items using the Shopping Cart:

Item A: Shipping fee RM8

Item B: Shipping fee RM20

Item C: Shipping fee RM12

2.4 – System will pick up the most expensive shipping fee, which is RM20.
2.5 – The total shipping fee will be as below.

RM20 + RM5 + RM5 = RM30 instead of RM40 (without combine shipping!)

Your buyer has saved RM10!

Remark: Make sure to update the prices on each region to ensure the delivery prices are displayed properly.

B. By Weight

1. To activate combine shipping by weight, click on “By Weight”

2. Key in the amount that you wish to set.

3. Click on “Update”.
**Once this option is enabled, you must enter the “Estimated Shipping Weight (KG)” for all of your products.


  1. You set the first 1 KG is RM5.00 and every subsequent 1 kg is RM4.50.
    Assuming your buyer buys 3 items using the Shopping Cart:

Item A: 0.5kg
Item B: 1kg
Item C: 1.2kg

System will total up the weight (0.5kg + 1kg + 1.2kg = 2.7 kg) 

  • All decimal point will be rounding up.

Total shipping fee will be :

(First 1 kg = RM5.00) + (Subsequently 1 kg = RM4.50 x 2 kg (1.7 kg rounding up) = RM9.00)
= RM5.00 + RM9.00

= RM14.00