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Here’s the steps you should take :

Step 1

If the bidder is not serious about their bid, please report to us, we will suspend their account from trading and subject to our investigation whether to release the account. However, we are not obliged to permanently suspend any member.

Please make sure your posting description is accurate and you do not provide any misleading information in your posting detail.

Successful bidders must have valid reasons for changing their mind after winning an auction. We take this seriously and will take appropriate action, such as suspending the bidder’s account if no valid reason is provided.

Step 2

Offer to the second or third highest bidder. Please always remember there are others who’s interested in your item as well. So, make them an offer.

Step 3

If you have paid for the posting, please submit your claim for refund via our feedback form by stating the bidder ID, item id and reason for your claim.