– Buyer can start rate seller after 5 days from the purchase date and not more than 45 days.

– Buyer entitle to rate the seller for Buynow and Auction transaction.

– Each item id will entitle one rating (Example : purchase 4 item per transaction, buyer can give 4 rating)

Bad Rating

– Please make sure your store positive feedback is more than 95% , less than that will cause account to be under ‘Posting Restricted’

– However, your account will be under ‘Posting Restricted’ if you received 2 or more bad rating within 30 days.

– In case your store got 5 bad rating (buyer + seller bad rating) system will auto restricted your posting.

– Bad rating will live after 7 days from the date buyer rated seller, seller please contact buyer to resolve the issue.

– System will calculate the cumulative bad rating and feedback score on the no 8 day, un solve bad rating case will cause your account to be under ‘Posting Restricted’

Withdrawal/Retract Bad Rating

РSeller please communicate with buyer accordingly to resolve the issue and provided help file as per below https://help.lelong.my/how-to-retract-rating/

– In case buyer having problem to retract it, seller may email to feedback@lelong.my for assistant (Please provide all proof for the request)

– Any unfair/misused rating given by buyer to seller, seller may sent it over to feedback@lelong.my together with proof. Feedback team will review it within two week.