Product reviews and ratings help:

  1. Increase conversions on your products.
  2. Reduce doubts or confusion on your product.
  3. Increase buyer trust and confidence.
 How do product review and rating works?

The product review and rating are displayed at various places in your product page. You may see them directly below the product title or sub-title.

When buyer click on the “View More Reviews”, it will go to the product reviews and rating further down on the same page. Then buyer can view the reviews and rating leave by other buyers.

When buyer click on the “Write a review” they can give a rating from one to up to five stars, upload images (maximum 5 images) and leave their comment about the product. Only buyer who had purchased the item from you on are eligible to leave review on your products. For each purchase buyer can leave their reviews for twice (ex: 1st review for the condition of parcel and item when receive the order and 2nd review for experience after use of the product).

The product rating can also be seen in the listing page too.

a) list View

b) grid view

 Manage product ratings and reviews

You can check and reply the ratings and reviews for you in your seller’s dashboard under “L. Profile & Setting > 4. Manage Product Review“.

Either is a good or bad review, both you also  can respond it with text and images (maximum 5 images with each image cannot more than 500KB). Click “a. Pending Reply” button then you will be directed to the “Review Summary” page. Click on “b. Reply” button, then reply form will be display.

Update your reply under “Review Description” column, maximum 500 characters is supported. When it is done, click on the “Submit Reply” button. Then your reply will automatically be included in product details page.

Each review that leave by buyer can be replied but if you have missed out to reply on the 1st review and your buyer had leave their 2nd review then you only can replied to 2nd review.

The review which you had replied before you may check again under “Manage Reviews” page under “Replied” tab.


Who can leave review on my product?
Buyer who have purchased the item from you in are eligible to leave review on your products.

Can I leave a review on my own product?
You are not allowed to review your own product it is to ensure we have a neutral reviews from  the buyers.

Will product rating and review will affected my seller ratings?
No, it will not affected as both are two different features. Seller ratings will be related to the purchasing experience of a buyer. Product rating and review is a review of the specific product.

Can I disable product review and rating for my products?
No. Product rating and review are available for all listings that are eligible.

How to encourage buyer to leave rating and review?
A reward for a review can encourage buyer to leave a review on their purchase. The reward can be a discount coupon or a free shipping offer for their next purchase. In order to stay ethical, you’ll need to give the reward for any review either good or bad that buyer leave on you.


  • Product ratings and reviews have launch on our desktop and mobile sites, our app will follow at a later date.