Minimum Incremental price is the minimum incremental value for each bid your bidder place in your auction.
i.e :

  • If your current bid price is RM40.00.
  • Your minimum incremental value is determine by system atRM1.00.
  • The next person who bid on your item must bid for at least RM41.00 or above.
  • The incremental value for all auction items is determined as the following schedule.
Your Start Price Minimum Increment
RM1.00  –  RM99.00 RM1.00
RM100  –   RM299.00 RM2.00
RM300  –  RM499.00 RM3.00
RM500  –  RM999.00 RM5.00
RM1000-  RM2999.00 RM10.00
RM3000-  RM4999.00 RM50.00
>RM5000 RM100.00
The value of the price was determined by our system in order to avoid any abuse by user who simply set unreasonable high incremental value