iAccount is Lelong’s unique Prepaid Account. All the money you pay to Lelong.my will be credited into your iAccount . You can use iAccount to pay for the following :

  1. Member Web Store sign-up or renewal
  2. Verified member fee
  3. Featured fees
  4. Web Store plugins

Whenever you use any of the paid functions, our system will auto-check your iAccount if you have sufficient credits. If you do not have sufficient credit, you will then be requested to top up your iAccount.

How to Top Up Your iAccount?

1. Login to your Lelong.my account.

2. Go to :

a. I. Top up iAccount > 1. Top Up


b. Click on “Top up iAccount” on top of the Seller Dashboard

c. Go to My Lelong Click on “Top up” beside iAccount Balance

3. Key in the amount you wished to top up into your iAccount.
4. Choose the payment options available.

Option A – You may choose Maybank2U, AMEX, Hong Leong, Visa or Master. This will appear immediately in your iAccount when successful.

Option B – Alliance Bank (this will reflect on the next working day)
Option C – Other payment options (Interbank Transfer / Giro / Bank Counter)

Our bank account number for Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd  is:

1. Maybank, SS2 Branch – 512231-505509
2. Alliance Bank – 12060-0-01-000-1135

Once you have bank in for the top up, please email the bank slip to us at feedback[@]lelong.my. Please state your userID and the purpose for the top up. When successful, it will usually take 24 hours for the amount to reflect in your iAccount.


1. You can not use the credits/funds in your iAccount to pay for your purchases.
2. You can request for withdrawal from the balance in the iAccount anytime subject to withdrawal service fee of 3.5% plus RM2 for each withdrawal. Approval is at the sole discretion of the company.