Step 1: Go to “D. My Store > 4. Coupons”

Step 2: Click on “Add Coupon”

Step 3: Fill in the coupon creation form.

a. Coupon Type – Select “Product Coupon”

b. Coupon Apply Method – “Automatic” will only be applied and display the discounted price on live posting.

Note: What is the impact if I choose “Coupon code” or “Automatic”?
Scenario 1: Cart Coupon and Shipping Coupon can be applied together if either one is “Automatic” apply OR both are “Automatic” apply. If both are a coupon code, only one coupon is applicable in a single checkout. If there are multiple automatic apply coupons, the highest discount coupon will be selected.
Please take note that same type of coupon can only choose either one. Example: 2 cart coupons available on the same store, the highest discount will be selected first regardless automatic or coupon code.
Scenario 2: Product Coupon will not be affected by Scenario 1 situation as one checkout can have many product coupons applied at the same time automatically.c. Offer Name– Generate a code for own tracking & reference, not visible to the buyer.

d. For Category/Product- The coupon can apply to store Wide, Selected category& Selected Product.

e. Discount Type – Select “Discount by %” and fill in how many % off you would offer; Select “Discount by Amount in RM” if prefer to offer a discount by RM instead

f. Exclude Products – Coupon is eligible to selected products
I. If all product is eligible for the coupon, check the box beside “No”
II. If this coupon is not eligible for certain products, check the box beside “Yes”. Select “Selected Products” and click “Add Products” to add products to be excluded.

g. There is no limitation for this level, so it only shows “Unlimited”.

h. Apply To – Check the box “Selected customers” and enter the UserID(s) if the coupon only offers to the particular buyer(s). If there is a few buyers are entitled to the coupon, separated their UserID by a comma (,). Check the box “All customers” if you would like the coupon use by all buyer(s).

i. Start Date – The first day the coupon can be used.

j. End Date – The last day the coupon can be used.

k. Description – The information/ details about the coupon you offer. Maximum 250 characters, and buyer will able to see the message during their checkout process.

l. Display in product detail – The coupon code will publicly display in product detail page.
I. Yes – Buyer will see the coupon code when browsing your product page. (Suggested to enable it if your offer coupon applies to all buyers.)
II. No – The coupon code will not show on your product detail page.

 Step 4: Click “Save” button to save the coupon created.
 Step 5: Your successful created coupon will display under “Manage Coupon”.  (For more details on “Manage Coupon”, Refer to “How to manage coupon”).


Example of creating a coupon
Example 1:  10% discount with no maximum discount amount.
Apply on all store categories but the selected product(s). Here is the sample of how you can set it: a. Coupon Type– Product Coupon
b. Offer Name- Dec12
c. For Category/Products- Store Wide
d. Discount Type- Discount by 10 %
e. Max Discount Cap ( RM)- No cap
f. Start Date- 12 Dec 2018 is the first day the coupon can use.
g. End Date- 13 December 2018 is the last day the coupon can use.
h. Exclude Products- Yes
i. Apply to- All customer
j. Description – The information that buyer will view during checkout.
k.Display in public– Yes, a buyer will be aware of the promotion when browsing the product.
l. For Products –
1. Choose “Select Products”. (Refer to i1)
2. Click on the “Add Products” button. (Refer to i2)

3. A window with a list of your products will prompt out.
i3 – You may search by the keyword of the product title.
i4 – You may sort your product title ascending or descending.
i5 – Your list of products that is live now.
i6 – Check the box beside the title if you would like to apply the coupon for the product.
i7 – Click “Select” once you have done your selection.

4. Your selected products will display under “Selected Products” column.

5. Once done, click on the “Close” button.

6. After close the window, you will see the selected products are now displayed at your coupon creation page.