Step 1: Go to “C. Marketing & Boost Sales > 2. Coupons
Step 2: Click on “Add Coupon”

Step 3: Fill in the coupon creation form.

a. Coupon Type – Select “Cart Coupon”

b. Coupon Apply Method – Select “Coupon code” if require buyer to enter code to enjoy discount; Select “Automatic” to display discounted price on live posting.
I. Scenario 1: Cart Coupon and Shipping Coupon can be applied together if either one is “Automatic” apply OR both are “Automatic” apply. If both are coupon code, only one coupon is applicable in a single checkout. If there is multiple automatic apply coupons, the highest discount coupon will be selected.
Please take note that same type of coupon can only choose either one. Example: 2 cart coupons available on the same store, the highest discount will be selected first regardless automatic or coupon code.
II. Scenario 2: Product Coupon will not be affected by Scenario 1 situation as one checkout can have many product coupons applied at the same time automatically.

c. Coupon Code – The code that buyer will use to apply upon check out. Each coupon code is unique.

d. Discount Type – Select “Discount by %” and fill in how many % off you would offer; Select “Discount by Amount in RM” if prefer to offer discount by RM instead

e. Max. Discount Cap (RM) – To limit the discount amount which the buyer will receive while using a coupon.
I. Fill in the value if the coupon has a limited discount amount.
II. If there is no limitation, just check the box beside “No Cap”.

f. Minimum Purchase (RM) – The minimum amount a buyer must spend in one (1) order in order to apply the coupon code. Set as zero (0) if there is not minimum spend.

g. Start Date – The first day the coupon can be used.

h. End Date – The last day the coupon can be used.

i. Exclude Products – Coupon is eligible to selected products or categories
I. If all product is eligible for the coupon, check the box beside “No”
II. If this coupon is not eligible for certain products, check the box beside “Yes”. Select “Selected Products” and click “Add Products” to add products to be excluded.
III. If this coupon is not eligible for certain categories, check the box beside “Yes”. Select “Selected Category” and choose those categories to be excluded.

j. Total No. of Coupons – Total number of coupon can be apply.
I. Enter the total number of coupon
II. If there is no limitation, check the box “Unlimited”.

k. Coupon(s) per Customer – Limit number of uses per buyer.
I. Enter the number of times that this coupon code can be used by a buyer.
II. Check the box beside “Unlimited” if there is no limit.

l. Apply To – Check the box “Selected customers” and enter the UserID(s) if the coupon is only offers to particular buyer(s). If there is a few buyers are entitled for the coupon, separated their UserID by a comma (,). Check the box “All customers” if you would like the coupon use by all buyer(s).

m. Description – The information/ details about the coupon you offer. Maximum 250 characters, and buyer will able to see the message during their checkout process.

n. Display in Public – The coupon code will publicly display when buyer browsing your product.
I. Yes – Buyers will see the coupon code when browsing your product.
II. No – The coupon code will not show at your product.

o. Display in checkout – The coupon code will publicly display in buyer’s shopping cart when they added any items from your store.
I. Yes – Buyers will see the coupon code during their checkout process.
II. No – The coupon code will not show at the checkout page.

Step 4: Click “Save” button to save the coupon created.


Step 5: Your successful created coupon will display under “Manage Coupon”.  (For more details on “Manage Coupon”, Refer to “How to manage coupon”).

Example of creating a coupon
Example 1 –  A storewide 10% cart discount with minimum purchase of RM 40.00, with maximum discount amount of RM10 from 11 – 23 December 2018:

Limited of 100 coupons and 1 use per user.Here is the sample of how you can set it:

A. Coupon Type – Cart Coupon
B. Coupon Apply Method – Coupon code
C. Coupon Code – Dec10
D. Discount Type – Discount by %; 20%
E. Max. Discount Cap (RM) – RM10
F. Minimum Purchase (RM) – RM40
G. Start Date – 11th December 2018 is the first day the coupon can use.
H. End Date – 23rd December 2018 is the last day the coupon can use.
I. Exclude Products – Choose for “No” as the coupon is offer to all products in the store.
J. Total No. of Coupons – 100 total usage
K. Coupon(s) per Customer – 1 time per customer only
L. Apply to – All customers
M. Description – The information that buyer will view during checkout.
N. Display in Public & Display in Checkout – Yes, buyer will be reminded to apply the coupon when browsing product and during checkout

Example 2 – Exclude Category:

Exclude from selected store category “Foods” and “Camera”.

Here is the sample of how you can set it:

1. Exclude Products choose “Yes”

2. Choose “Selected Category”

3. Excluded category will go to the table on the right.

* To deselect the chosen category, just click on the category you would like to remove on the right table.

Example 3 – Exclude Product:

Exclude from selected products “MILO ACTIV-GO Softpack 1kg”.

Here is the sample of how you can set it:

1. Exclude Products choose “Yes”

2. Choose “Selected Products

3. Check the box beside product you wanted to exclude from coupon and click “Add”.

4. To deselect the product, just click on the “X” button as below.