As part of the content management guideline, it is crucial for sellers to adhere to the stated guideline when preparing content for your store. In this section below, we have outlined the content that are prohibited from posting on guideline applied to all  customized page, logo, banner, slider, photo & video in Store Settings.
  1. Any image or video that promoting or disclose nudity, sexual exploitation, sexual violence, and sexual activity is prohibited.
  2. Any material that promoting politics is banned.
  3. Disclosure of other people personal information that could cause someone physical or financial harm is prohibited.
  4. Harassment, hate speech credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group or company is prohibited.
  5. Misleading, misrepresentation or inaccurate information about your product or promotion is prohibited.
  6. For HTML – Javascript, CSS and etc is not allowed.
  7. All banner (s), store logo, text, videos and etc
    • are not allowed linked out to external party, encourage or with intention to visit other website/ URL to purchase.
    • are not allowed to use for display bank account, other payment methods ,information about payment or information about outside trading.
    • strictly for the use to promote products and brand.
  8. Any content you posted in the store front are merely for you to sell your products, any content which is not related to your own products or your own company, is deem irrelevant and it is our sole discretion to decide if this content are in violation to our posting guideline. We have all the right to restrict you from using any or part of the content creation module within the store front , product listing and product detail.
Note: Should the seller violated our Guideline and Terms & Conditions, reserve the right to disable the DIY Store Setting features.