Now you may check your coupon promotion performance via coupon report.
After login to your account on your seller panel click on E. Reports & Analytics > 8. Coupon Report. Select the date & year of the report you would likes to view, then click on “Download Report”.

Your report is downloaded, open the file to launch it in Excel.

You may filter the report to view the performance of a specific coupon by click on the “arrow” button beside “Coupon”, then unchecked / untick the coupon that you don’t want to view.

You may also view the performance for paid order only by click on the “arrow” button beside “Paid” then¬†unchecked / untick “Select all, blanks, & No”.

Indicator Meaning
Select all Paid & unpaid orders
No Unpaid order
Yes Paid order

With better understanding of your buyer purchase behavior, you may create more efficient campaign for future.