Now seller can refund buyer payment directly from Lelong account.

  1. Go to A. My Orders
  2. Click on 1. All Order
  3. Select which of the transaction you wish to refund the buyer and click on it
  1.  Fill in Refund Form
    1. For the Refund Type, you can choose either “Full” Or “Partial”. This is subjected to NetPay’s approval.

*Please choose ‘Full Refund’ if amount of refund is the same as amount paid by buyer.

  1.  Insert the refund amount
  2. Select the reason for the refund being made
  3. Once done click on ‘Submit’
 Your request of refund is submitted for processing

 If the refund request because of “out of stock” and there are more than one products for that order, seller is required to choose which product that is out of stock.
 Important Notes:

  1. Seller will be able to update shipping information only if refund type is partial refund.
  2. You are not allowed to refund after settlement cut-off date.
  3. The processing time will be 10-14 working days.
  4. Update your buyer you have request for the refund.
  5. This applies to only payment made through NetPay (Credit card and Internet Banking).