What is boost feature?

  • Boost is one of the features that helps to increase your item ranking. It gives full exposure to the appearance of your product in Lelong.my so that you can generate more sales and at the same time, increase your store rating.

How much does it cost?

  • You can start to boost your product for a minimum of RM5 for any type of products and choose the duration of boosting. The more you pay, then your item will be ranked higher.

Where will my product be displayed?

  • Your product will be displayed before non-boosted items. Visitors will see your product first before your competitors’ products. The more you pay, the higher the ranking will be for your product. On top of that, when your bid for more than RM50, your product will appear in the “Recommendation For You” section on the front page on a rotational basis.

What are the requirements to boost my product?

  • You can boost your product as long as it is still active and in stock. The minimum bid to boost your product is RM5. You must activate the “Front Page” feature first before you can boost your product.

What categories can I boost my product?

  • Boost feature can be used for any products from any categories in Lelong.my. We recommend that you boost your product based on the top category first in order to increase your product’s sales performance.

How long can I boost my product?

  • The minimum duration to boost your product is 10 days and the maximum is 250 days.

How do I pay for my boost?

  • The fees will be deducted from your iAccount. Make sure your iAccount has sufficient amount to pay for your boost fees. The system will calculate the total boost fees you need to pay.
How do I boost my product?

Step 1: Go to My Selling and select Edit Listing.

Step 2: Choose the product you want to boost then in the column Action, click on Boost Now!

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to pay and choose the duration to boost your item. Then click on the Boost button.

Important Note:
Kindly take note that boost fees are not refundable once items are posted even if you cancel your posting or bidders did not pay up. We treat it as advertisement fee.

 Where can I see my product performance?

Currently, we are upgrading our system to give full satisfaction to our sellers. We will introduce a new Boost Hub for sellers to see their product performance including the product status.

How do I manage my items?

You can manage your boosted items by using the Boost Hub (coming soon) and see the performance of your boosted products.

For more enquiries, you can:

Email to: store@lelong.com.my