For members who have recently activated their Web Store, you are entitled for 2-FREE domain names for the 1st year worth RM200*. The renewal on the 2nd year onward will be at RM80* (both domains). The free domain names is

1) “”
2) “.my”

Kindly take note of the following:

  • The domain name registration must be redeemed within 14 days from the date you receive your email.
  • Both the domain names must strictly be pointed / redirected/ forwarded to your,, or WebStore.
  • Ownership of WebStore and the domain name must be the same, and is non-transferable.
  • Domain  “” is available for company registration, and domain “.my” is available for i) personal registration; and ii) company registration
  • The FREE domain name registration is available only for Malaysians.
How to Register for the Free Domain Name?
1. Go to domain registration:
Choose either “Organisasi (Company)” or “Individu (Personal)”
2. Please redeem the domains with below special serial number.
Serial number (nombor siri): LLG1002(2a) Choose 2 unique domain names, “.my” and ““.
(2b) After key in the serial number, please click on “Semak“.
3. Fill in your registration details. MYNIC (the domain provider) may ask you for supporting documents for the domain verification.Due to PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act), we will not to share any of your details which you used to register previously with to MYNIC. So, please submit the documents required from your end.
4. Once application is successfully submitted, the applicant will get the ‘TAHNIAH’ page (4a) and
notification email (4b).(4a) TAHNIAH page
(4b) Example of email notification.
5. and MYNIC have the rights to terminate your domains without notice if found that:(i) Domains are redirected/ forwarded to other than, or WebStore
(ii) Ownership of the domains is different from the ownership of the, or WebStore6. It will take 5 to 7 business days to process the domain registration.7. For any further inquiry on the domain registration or renewal, you may contact Mynic directly.Hotline: 1300-88-7277 (local)
+603 2171 0998 (international)
E-mail:* price quoted exclude GST

1. Is it free?
This is free if you have recently activated your Web Store. The domain will be free for the 1st year. Renewal for the 2nd year is only at RM80*.Even if you have only registered for 1 free domain, it will be RM80* for the renewal.

2. Which should I register if I am am a Sole Proprietor? ROB or ROC?
Registrar of Companies (ROC) – for Sdn Bhd / Bhd
Registrar of Businesses (ROB) – for other than Sdn Bhd / Bhd (Enterprise, etc)

3. Blog, web address, is which web address?
It will be your main web address URL. For example, if your web site is or

4. Where will my or go to?
This name will then be pointed to your store front in , example ,

5. Can the domain be the same as my Web Store URL?
You can choose your own domain name beside your Web Store.

6. How do I check for the status for the processing for my Free domain?
You can contact MYNIC directly to check on your status.

7. Can explain what is this about? For store seller, your web store fee is not included.
During this period of promotion (14 days from the date you receive the promotion email), any members who activated their web store entitles 2 domains for FREE. This 2 FREE domain does not include into your Lelong web store fees.

8. I received the email for activating my web store. I registered for the  Lelong Web Store on the 14/11/2014.  Does it mean that beside RM 348.00, i still need to pay RM 80.00 for the 2 domain?
Yes, you will have to pay for RM80* for the 2 domain. Besides that, you also have to make the payment of RM348 for your Lelong Web Store yearly renewal, which will expire on the 13/11/2015.

9. Can I redirect my domain to my own web site or blog?
No you are not allowed to do so. The 2 domain must be redirected or pointed to your Web Store.

10. How do I renew my 2 domain names?
For renewal of your 2 domain name, you would have to contact Mynic. You can contact them from either of the details below.

Hotline: 1300-88-7277 (local)
+603 2171 0998 (international)

11. Where can I view my domain name after I have registered with Mynic?
You can view your domain name records through Whois service available at

12. How long is the processing time required for the domain name?
It will take 5 to 7 business days for Mynic to process for you.

13. My Lelong Web Store is registered under my name. Can the Mynic domain name be registered under my wife’s name?
No, it is not allowed. Both the ownership of your WebStore and the domain name must be registered under your name. It has to be the same and it is not transferable too.

14. Can Lelong provide Mynic with the documents or details which I used previously to register my Lelong account?
We will not share your details or documents with any parties as is in compliant with the PDPA Act. You can register directly with Mynic and provide them with the required registration details.

15. Until when will the Free domain registration be available?
The domain name registration must be redeemed within 14 days from the date you receive your email.

16. What can I do with the free domain since I already have a Lelong Web Store?
You can use the domain name to direct to your Lelong Web Store, and you can use that domain name in your business cards, and any of your promotional materials. Instead of having, you now also have

17. Can I use back my previous domains which has been expired ? I got this domain from my previous web hosting provider.
You are required to check directly with your previous web hosting company on this. The previous web hosting provider has to authorized the use of it and notify Mynic. Please contact your previous web hosting company to get more information on this.

18. Can I register my personal account with the domain “”? 
You are allowed to register as the following:-
i. – for company registration only
ii. .my – for personal registration, and for company registration

19. If I have an existing “” domain name, can I use the existing domain to redeem this free domain promotion?
If you already have an existing domain, then this campaign is not available for you. It is available for those who is applying for the new domain name only.

20. I am a foreigner, can I register for the free domain name?
The FREE domain name registrations is only available for Malaysian individuals and Malaysian companies.